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Not another SONA post

July 26, 2010

When will we see a Filipino-created gadget? When will our literary works be heralded equal as Shakespeare’s?

This post is not intended to back-up the recent SONA. It’s just that after hearing what PNOY had laid down in the Congress, I had tried to dig deeper with the real definition of this word. PROUD.

It’s always been a cliche when we, Filipinos, dig into the fact that we should “be proud” about being a Filipino. I mean, aren’t we all? Of course, there are a lot of things Filipinos should be proud of like culture, heritage, tradition, folklores, a spate of these sort. Heroes and Patriots died for the love of our country and that we, younger generations should be “proud”. Why not?

But looking into the bigger picture, haven’t all of the nations out there have their own indispensable taste of patriotism, culture and distinctions? It would make no difference. That wouldn’t make ours richer and greater. And now, how can we be proud of something common to all? It’s like singing “I have two hands, the left and the right“, while everybody have the same pair of hands, French-finger tipped at that.

Being proud of ourselves as Filipinos will not make the Philippines a better nation. Mere pride will not make a frog an adorable prince; it is still a silly, pungent, dirty little frog.

The solution? It’s not for me to tell. Bottomline is, it’s up to you to do your part. Now that the election is over, the hyped of being “Ako Mismo” seems to back into the level of “Ako Muna”.

The challenged is this… when will we see a Filipino-created gadget? When will our literary works be heralded equal as Shakespeare’s? When will the “matuwid na landas” be really straight? And when will we be truly PROUD?


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  1. katrinadanieles permalink
    July 29, 2010 6:01 pm

    wow! proud noypi si cesei! =) i think that we should all be proud Filipinos because there’s no one else who can be proud of us but us. hahah. =) God bless ces!=)

    • July 30, 2010 2:01 pm

      hehe…right, on top of that, we should not settle ourselves by just being proud…just my though…hehe, ty sa comments

      • katrinadanieles permalink
        July 30, 2010 3:13 pm

        hahah. siyempre naman. =) but the prerequisite is being proud siguro. =) heheh

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