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Spilled from the Mug

September 26, 2010

Are most of you’re friends n FB really you’re “real-friend” or just “friend-friend”? Most of the social-networking geeks today tend to add people in the net just for the sake of having many “friends”. They became used to it as that certain site is a popularity

Someone sacked me out in his Facebook friends’ list! Yes, sack me again please in wherever networking site that you want and I’ll deal it with class. We’ll, the least that I could do is say “I dont Care”.

It’s never been like “add me up in fb ” cause I wanna be you friend”. What’s important is how you maintain your interactions with such number of friends. Quantity was never been blessed with popularity. So the more we try to expand our horizons in such networking sites, there is a certain possibility that we’ll be defeating its purpose. It’s like adding the whole bunch of crap into a sinking ship.

What’s ironic is that I’m writing a blog about such thing. Sweet and sugar factory… Silver


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  1. katrinadanieles permalink
    October 1, 2010 5:35 pm

    i agree..and the best thing about having few friends is that you know that they’re the one who stayed with you, no matter what.. 🙂 may sense ba pinagsasabi ko?? hahah
    basta ces, quality over quantity guid dapat. hahah

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