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You, me and Dana

August 20, 2012


“Hey Chino, where’ve you been? Seems like you had a blast!”

You greeted me while I take off my sneakers, then you gave me my green Havs.

“Just fine, she called me…we hang out.”

“Who? Dana, your ex? Hah!”

“Yah….said she broke up with that brat. She asked to talk about it over coffee. So, just for old friends’ sake, I said yes.”

“Hmmm, of all people why you? Can’t she talk ‘bout it with her girl friends?”

“No idea, maybe she missed me, the last time we saw each other was in my last birthday….”

“The day you broke up! So what did you talked about? Did she say hi to me?

You were too excited about the details but I was dragging it somehow, “Yah, somewhat. I don’t know, she reminded me that I forgot to show up in her debut. And you know what’s funny? She asked me why I haven’t given her a call after the breakup.”

“Maybe she wasn’t over you yet.”

You told me with a grin. “And she gave me the details why they broke up…kind of weird. Don’t ask me again it’s a long story.”

“Uhmm, somehow did it felt like you were back into each others’ arms once again?”

You teased me but I shut you, giving you the leave-me-alone signal like I always you. “Uhhh, shut up…need to fix myself. Go back to sleep now.”

“Muling ibalik ang tamis ng pag-,”

You tried to tease me again but I threw a pillow in your face.

“Ouch! That hurts!

You looked like hitting back but you looked at me in the eye instead.

Maybe you’ve noticed that I’m not in the mood for a little pep talk. It’s just when I look into your eyes, I can’t help but remember my happy moments with Dana…makes me realize that I still love her. I still need her. I have to admit that I was deeply hurt when she dumped me.

Yet, I want to believe in everything that she said…want to hold her tight while she was crying in front of me earlier. I want to say that I love her but I can’t. My pride won’t allow me. And you know that very well.

Maybe I’ll talk this over with you but not tonight…I’m sleepy now. I promised to answer all your questions tomorrow…when I stand in front of the mirror again.

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